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10 Ways You Can Fight Like A "SUPERTRUMP"

MAGA... The NEW American Battle Cry

This election is but one more battle in our War For America and no matter what, the fight must continue... If, GOD FORBID, President Trump doesn't win then we owe it to him to continue to fight even stronger on his behalf... THE MAGA MOVEMENT! I've come to realize over the past 6 months of Boat Parades, Caravans, & Rallies, that MAGA is not just a Campaign Slogan... it is truly a BATTLE CRY for American Freedom & Liberty in 2020! It's absolutely historic and the MAGA MOVEMENT must persevere!

MAGA = the new "Don't Tread On Me"


Stop wasting time and energy on "Fake News" & Social Media Big Tech CESSPOOLS, and with people who are not uplifting your soul! JUST STOP, RIGHT NOW!

Don't Quit rallying, organizing, promoting, campaigning for President Trump. It's time we ALL need to commit ourselves to taking actions that will inspire others, influence leaders, and energize President Trump and his team just like we did with the Boat Parades, and Caravans this summer!


So we've made a list of ACTIONS we are taking and you can take to FIGHT FOR OUR AMERICAN FREEDOMS & LIBERTIES in this most critical point in American History! This list is meant to get you into action... we will be breaking down each activity with more detail in future emails and Social Media posts/updates so stay tuned, and if you have questions or ideas just reach out directly via email so we can coordinate!

  1. SUPREME COURT: we are asking everyone to email the Supreme Court and let them know, with "supreme respect", how important the integrity of this election is to you and how you support their dedication to UPHOLDING THE CONSTITUTION against political malfeasance.


    2. Link to suggested messaging

  2. Call your local, state, federal elected GOP officials and start DEMANDING they aggressively & publicly support Trump's efforts to secure this election & stand up against the Democrat Corruption, Hypocrisy, and plans to steal our country!

  3. Conservative Talk Radio & Social Media Influencers: Call, email, or otherwise engage with local and national Conservative Talk Radio hosts & social media personalities and ask them to do everything they can to use their influence to motivate our GOP leadership to support Trump. Also ask them to ask their audience to participate in the activities we are discussing here... to help influence massive, national action!

  4. Engage with Friends & Family... make sure they know what is going on. Make sure they know about alternative news sources like OANN, NEWSMAX, BLAZE TV, and other programming that will deliver the truth plus offer in-depth analysis of critical issues we face (ex: Color Revolution). Also make sure they know of alternative Social Media platforms such as Parler, Bitchute, Rumble, etc... start to follow social media influencers and migrate off of BIG TECH.

  5. Organize, promote, attend rallies and events to support Trump. We will help promote any events you know of so please reach out directly via email. Here is a resource you can use right now:


  6. Contact ALL the newly elected GOP representatives and ask them to step up aggressively and publicly to support TRUMP... EVERY one of them that got elected campaigned on a platform that said "I Will FIGHT With President Trump", well it's time we demand to find out just exactly what they meant by "FIGHT" and this is their opportunity to prove to us that they have the "stones" to fight like Trump.

  7. Social Media Migration - start setting up your alternative Social Media Accounts and migrating your content. It's time to STOP giving our money, energy, attention, personal data, and influence to BIG TECH TYRANTS like Twitter, Facebook, & Google! This is a MASSIVE part of the WAR on society... it is one we can have a big impact on. We are in the process of doing this right now with:

    1. PARLER - twitter/fb alternative

    2. RUMBLE - youtube alternative

  8. NEWS MEDIA Conversions - we have reached a point where even the old reliable FOX News has become a tool of Leftist Manipulation and Disinformation. Network and cable news CANNOT be trusted, period full stop! Try alternatives:

    1. Newsmax

    2. OANN

    3. Blaze TV

    4. Pluto TV

  9. Life Audits & "Cancel Culture": what has become heartbreakingly apparent is how pervasive the "HATE TRUMP" Leftist culture truly is. It has literally infested every element of our society and the people, businesses, organizations, and institutions we engage with on a daily basis are being influenced to subscribe to an ideology that believes it has the right, the obligation, and the duty to CANCEL us out of society. And, they will use any power they have to accomplish this mission... The Cancel Culture. Well, it's time we take a hard look at where we spend our money and if we are supporting anyone or anything that supports the LEFTIST, Anti-America, Anti-Western Civilization movement, then we need to CANCEL OUR SUPPORT OF THEM. This will be one of the most important tasks you can take right now in this fight!

  10. Share this website, content, and emails with everyone you know so we can build a bigger, stronger, and more influential community! The boat parade articles profile some of the most inspiring images and videos of the American Spirit and just how much joy President Trump has brought to millions of Americans... Share the joy, share the MAGA MISSION, & share the FIGHT!



We are in it whether we like it or not. We didn't start it... We don't want it... We haven't prepared for it... But, we must fight it with everything we've got. We need to mobilize rapidly! We need to use our powers of persuasion, influence, patience, faith, truth, facts, unity, and perseverance! We cannot descend into the chaos they are trying to pull us into... They want a "Civil War" and they are baiting us, they are tempting us, they are testing us! The tactics they use are the tools of hardcore FASCISTS & MAFIAS: intimidation, coercion, extortion, propaganda, violence, racketeering, bribery, etc... They are doing everything they can to erase 70,000,000 + people from existence in America:

  • to make us VOICELESS

  • to break our SPIRIT

  • to "DEFUND" us

  • to DEHUMANIZE us

  • to DIVIDE us from our country, our FAITH, & our beloved President

Make NO MISTAKE... this fight is absolutely GOOD vs. EVIL! Don't think about how what you are doing now is going to work out tomorrow... think about how what you are doing now will look in 50 - 100 years from now. This is truly a historic era in America and your opportunity to make your mark in history, to save the Trump Presidency, to save the American Way Of Life, lies in our stand right now with President Trump, against an army of assassins that is literally hell bent on erasing us from history!

On this and every VETERANS DAY I look at my Pop Pop a WW2 fighter & bomber pilot, Lt Colonel US AIR FORCE, and imagine how he must have felt knowing that one day his actions fighting global tyranny would contribute so historically to the greatness of America and the future of the world!


This election is far from over!

"The Movement"

- Silent No More -

Cpt JP

PS: don't forget the OFFICIAL Boaters For Trump "The Movement" Boater shirts are available for purchase... please support our mission! CLICK HERE

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