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75,000 Vehicle Miami Trump Caravan Was Absolute MAGIC!

Bringing some TRUMP MAGIC to "Magic City"! The MEGA MAGA Miami Caravan. It is estimated that over 75,000 vehicles descended onto the streets of Miami for hours of Patriotic celebration! Boaters For Trump "The Movement" joined the Land Lubbers for this most inspiring day! Thank you to BRITEBART NEWS for being perhaps the only large publication to post content from what is a HISTORIC event in support of President Trump...

Here is a little highlight video:

A FESTIVAL Before The Caravan

The Latino For Trump community really knows how to party and the Pre-Caravan Festival was truly amazing! Food Trucks, pro-Trump merchandise, thousands of patriots, and musical performances from some of the hottest MAGA MUSIC musicians performing their hits for the crowd!

Our video/audio wasn't good enough to post so here is their studio version of the hit song La Tramba they performed: support Voices Of Freedom

We are also grateful that Voices For Freedom did a special impromptu performance of Battle Hymn Of The Republic for us - the audio was not great as it was a spontaneous performance in the wind but the American Spirit these PATRIOTS have is absolutely inspiring... This should give you hope for America's future!


Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled, there is an army of young patriots emerging the next generations will save America! Voices of Freedom represents this movement... Check out their official "Space Force Anthem"! SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

We Need President Trump Reelected... EVERYTHING Depends On It!

"THE MOVEMENT" was so grateful to join forces with the powerful Latino Community in Miami at this truly HISTORIC event... for all the people we met & the organizers we have put a photo page together. You can access the photos here: free to download all the images you want!

Thanks to the groups that put this event on... Please visit and support

And so many more...

Now is YOUR moment... what will you do to help save America?

With only two weeks left what are you prepared to do to literally SAVE AMERICA? "The Movement" is dedicated to participating in, and reporting on as many events as possible... on land as well as at sea! Check out the recent articles for ALL the inspiring content and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE with everyone you know.

As the Fake News continues to try to divide President Trump from his supporters, and to create false polling propaganda, it's up to us to spread the truth about just how massive the Love Of America & Excitement for Trump Victory truly is.

Join the next car parade, boat parade, flag waving event... not only is it fun and inspiring, at this point it is your duty as a Patriot! Reach out and let us know if you are hosting an event or looking to join an event and we will help!


Cpt JP

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