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TRUMPFEST 2020 On Alfie Oakes Island... WHAT?

You heard that right folks... of ALL the Trump Boat Parade events this season, NONE compare to the HISTORIC event that combined:

  • A Live Music Festival on a private island!

  • 3 unique Trump Boat Parade routes!

  • A car parade ending with shuttle boats taking people to the island!

  • Fully catered BBQ & Beer Truck!

Check out the outstanding video from Eagle Eye USA

Winner Of The "MEGA MAGA" Award

This event wins the Boaters For Trump MEGA MAGA AWARD and is an absolute testimony to the unstoppable American Spirit & American Ingenuity that makes the USA the most special country on the planet! So much more than just another Trump Boat Parade... Congrats to Alfie Oakes & Jason Beal for pulling off one of the most creative and challenging events so far this season!

Why Business Leaders & Patriots Need To Be SILENT NO MORE!

YUUUUGE thank you to Alfie Oakes who has become an absolutely CRITICAL VOICE for the Patriotic Awakening our country is experiencing... Alfie is one of Collier County Florida's most generous and supportive business and cultural community members, who's family has given back to Collier County for generations! When this scourge of Anti-America BLM protests turned into violent riots Alfie used his platform to take a real stand!

Alfie is one of the most prominent business persons in all of Southwest Florida and he has put it all on the line in his stance against the "Cancel Cult" and the rise of this Nihilistic Communist/Fascist attack on America! We will be getting into more with Alfie about all of this soon, but here is just a little from Alfie on why it is important people stand up against the BLM/Antifa/Democrat/LIberal bullies: (forgive the audio, equipment malfunctions)

American Ingenuity & American Spirit Simply CANNOT Be Stopped!

When you see what came together on Alfie Oakes Island it's not hard to understand that the very FOUNDATION of AMERICA is the concept of Freedom & Liberty! Like the theme of Boaters For Trump "The Movement"... American Spirit & American Ingenuity CANNOT be stopped! Imagine what it took to get enough food to feed over 1,000 people, a refrigerated truck full of beer & water, 4 live bands, generators, merchandise stands, port-a-potties, and more out to a private island and pull of a full blown music festival!

(check out the image slideshow)

To everyone who attended the Alfie Oakes Trumpfest event we have a photo page set up for you to download your photos absolutely free! Some of them came out amazing...

Together We Created This Movement... Silent No More!

That is 100% what Americans do when faced with forces that try to stifle their freedoms! In fact, the entire Trump Boat Parade movement is a testimony to just how powerful the American Spirit is, and just how creative American Ingenuity is! Born out of one of the most desperate times in our nations history, when freedom loving citizens were experiencing experiencing tyranny, fear, anxiety, and hopeless, our "Maritime Rallies" were THE SPARK that ignited one of the most powerful and successful Patriotic Movements America has ever witnessed. We are super proud to report that as we get closer to Trump Victory in November, our events continue to grow in scope, scale, and spirit.

This is our country and we must fight for it now!

Boaters For Trump "The Movement" was honored and grateful to be a part of the Historic Alfie Oakes TRUMPFEST 2020, Trump Boat Parade extraveganza! We are dedicated to memorializing these events into one community, as one National Movement, recorded into the TRUE History Books! So, please feel free to reach out directly to help promote, organize, join, or support this movement!

God Bless America Trump Victory 2020 Cpt JP "The Movement" Silent No More

PS: Don't forget the OFFICIAL Boaters For Trump "The Movement" Boater shirts are available for purchase... please support our mission! CLICK HERE

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