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Post Debate Rally At The Villages Fl... Classic Trump!

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Coming of a resounding victory over China Joe Biden of the Biden Crime Family, President Trump was in his epic rally form! One of the great thing about Trump events now is the random meetups with folks you connected with at previous events... it's almost like touring with a Rock & Roll band. And this rally at The Villages was a full blown festival! The energy, enthusiasm, excitement, and spirit was off the charts... And President arriving on the Marine 1 helicopter, escorted by two Osprey choppers was a sight to see!

To all the patriots who took the time to take some photos, GO HERE to access your photos.

"I just became a citizen of the US... and, I'm voting for Donald J Trump"!

This is why I love going to these events - you meet the most inspiring people!

Now Is YOUR Moment!

With less than 11 days until the most critical election in American History... we ALL need to stand up, unite, and become... ONE MOVEMENT, SILENT NO MORE!

Get out to a rally, a boat parade, a car parade, a flag waving event... but most important - GET OUT AND VOTE!

God Bless America

Trump Victory 2020

Cpt JP

"The Movement"

Silent No More

PS: don't forget that Boaters For Trump "The Movement" OFFICIAL Boater Shirts are now available for purchase... help support our mission! CLICK HERE

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