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Trump Rally Sanford FL "Post-China Virus"

President Trump kicked the China Virus and Boaters For Trump "The Movement" witnessed his comeback rally, and Trump was FIRED UP! An estimated 50,000+ people attended this event and the PATRIOTISM was truly something to witness! Here are some highlights of what it's like to get a front row seat and spend a day with people who LOVE AMERICA!

For all the patriots we met at the event and posed for photos... click here for your free photos.

Now is YOUR moment... what will you do to help save America?

Get to a Trump Rally or one of the many other Trump Campaign events... Join the next car parade, boat parade, flag waving event... not only is it fun and inspiring, at this point it is your duty as a Patriot! Motivate & Inspire yourself, your friends, your family to get active every day to help reelect President Trump! Reach out and let us know if you are hosting an event or looking to join an event and we will help!


Cpt JP

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