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The Race For "OFFICIAL" Guinness World Record Boat Parade Is On!

Stiff competition is heating up on America's great waterways to see which KAGATTA will go down in HISTORY as the "OFFICIAL" Guinness World Record for boat parades... and all it

took was American Ingenuity finding legal & safe ways for Patriotic Americans to bypass

Covid restrictions and create the viral phenomenon of Trump "Maritime Rallies" that are now overflowing America's waterways & flooding the shorelines with American Pride and "EPIC" support & enthusiasm for Trump 2020 Reelection... But, who will go down in history as the "OFFICIAL" World Record holder?

The first to stake claim to the World Record was LAKE MURRAY, SC:

This event will be the largest Parade in the history of Lake Murray , SC and quite possibly anywhere in the world! The largest ever according to Guinness is 1082 boats. Join us and thousands of other proud Americans from 7 states as of now as we show support of Donald Trump and for what he is doing for our great country! Before the parade we will host a pre parade Trumptilla from 12-200 near the island in front of Dreher where the parade will begin . This pre parade event will feature skydivers with flags and smoke , planes , helicopters , drones , live music , cheers and rally chants , national anthem , pledge of allegiance and more !

There was an official count of the boats & attendees... but as of now, no "OFFICIAL" Guinness World Record registered... so, the competition is still open!

Over 3,400 boats & 30,000 attendees! Congrats to Lake Murray for showing the world how enthusiastic support for President Trump truly is!

It's going to be hard to beat Lake Murray Patriots!

Next up: LAKE NORMAN, NC... they go big, but did they take the World Record from SC?

According to event organizers the Lake Norman KAGATTA did break the Lake Murray record: with over 4,000 boats & 36,000 attendees! But, has it been "OFFICIALLY" recorded by Guinness? The bottom line is that these events are growing bigger, and bigger, and more festive every week...

Together with Bikers, Truckers, & all the other coalitions for Trump we are building a movement that has never been seen or done before. Soon, millions of people will be boating, riding, trucking, spectating, marching, & rallying for Trump - WE ARE GOING TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!


But, will this event be able to surpass the already massive "Carolina KAGATTAS"?

Insider info about this event:

  • NEWSTALK 1040 will BROADCAST during the entire parade. You can tune to 1040 during the parade to listen to patriotic music, parade information and other stuff!

  • Special "flyover" & National Anthem broadcast as the official start!

  • Possible surprise "VIP" to host event as Grand Marshall - YUUUUGE!

  • Guinness World Record OFFICIALLY recording the event - HISTORY!

  • Special spectator viewing & cheering areas along the route!

This event is evolving rapidly as exciting & entertaining new groups, sponsors, & festivities join in. Sign up to Captains For Trump to make sure you are updated in real time as FLORIDA sets up to become the Official Guinness World Record holder!

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