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"OFFICIAL" Guinness World Record Set?

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

The Pinellas County Trump Boat Parade is awaiting the "official" count of boats but take it from me, someone who's attended 5 of these events, they CRUSHED the World Record! Boaters For Trump "The Movement" was on site hosting the "Most MAGA" contest and this Trump Boat Parade will absolutely go down in history as a "Mega MAGA" event! They even had Pirate Ships!

The FAKE NEWS media and their "activists" are still trying to divide President Trump from his supporters and manipulate the world into believing that there is no "ENTHUSIASM" for Trump's reelection... They are also trying really hard to make us believe that American Spirit, American Pride, and Love Of Country is a thing of the past, that we need a new "vision" of America... well, the Boaters For Trump movement is your proof that it's all Lies & Propaganda!

Boaters For Trump "The Movement" Is Memorializing The True ESSENCE Of The Trump Boat Parade Phenomenon

I want you to take a good look at this video... this is "The Movement"... this is how we know that amidst "pandemics", violent riots, mobs of hatred, and corrupt politics... that THE AMERICAN SPIRIT & AMERICAN INGENUITY cannot be stopped! What you are about to witness is the Joy, Love, Enthusiasm, Support, and Excitement for Trump Victory 2020 & America - up close & personal, and the essence of Boaters For Trump "The Movement"!

Thank you Pinellas County for your epic PATRIOTISM on display here!

video created by Eagle Eyes USA

Now, multiply that times millions as people participate in our "Maritime Rallies", Bike Rallies, Jeep Rallies, Truck Rallies, Car Parades, marches & flag waving events, on a scope and scale not seen even in the 2016 Election! Enthusiasm, Support, & Spirit are at EPIC ALL TIME HIGHS! Turn off the TV and join us! This is the #1 movement that is freeing people's hearts and lifting President Trump to victory in 2020

The BEST Drone Video Footage You'll See Of This Historic Event

"The Movement" had the privilege of working with one of the best Drone Pilot and video creators, Bill Holderby owner of EAGLE EYES USA out of Naples, FL... To truly get the scope and scale of this event, watch this video! It shows you just how EPIC these events have become. But, it's not a competition... it's a movement dedicated to reelecting President Trump and lifting America out of this "orchestrated chaos" plaguing our country! Several of the Trump Boat Parade events have staked claim to the World Record however, Pinellas County will be the first to set the "OFFICIAL" record with Guinness and control the bragging rights... at least until the next boat parade event goes through the daunting process of qualifying for Guinness standards! Stay tuned here for updates!

Hard Work, Dedication, Sacrifice, and Patriotism...

Image Slideshow

As someone who has dropped everything for the past 3 months and dedicated ALL my time, energy, and resources to traveling around and covering this phenomenon we call Trump Boat Parades... let me witness to you, the overwhelming hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that the event organizers put into pulling off an event project like they did in Pinellas County! They put a team of real Patriots together, all of whom have busy lives, jobs, and businesses outside of this event, and they pulled off one of the most historic events ever! Something that will be memorialized for future generations to look back on for inspiration! Cliff Gepheart used his coffee shop Conservative Grounds as the base of operations and all the event promotions. CONGRATULATIONS to Cliff & the team for a truly historic and successful event! When President Trump (who is watching & recognizing our movement) is reelected, the hundreds of hours your team put in will have paid off!

VIP's, Guest Hosts, & The Trump Boat Parade Ambassador!

One of the unique elements of this event was the attendance of some "High Profile" VIP's from the Trump Campaign and administration. Pam Bondi, Hogan Gidley were guest hosting on the "OFFICIAL TRUMP BOAT" owned by the "Boat Parade Ambassador" (and the inspiration for this movement), Carlos Gavidia! The recent public praise by President Trump of our Boaters For Trump Movement has inspired collaboration with the Trump Campaign and it looks like some unique features and festivities are going to start popping up at future events... "The Best Is Yet To Come"!

Special Thank You To Law Enforcement

As always, our events are a special dedication to our Law Enforcement Agencies that protect us... This movement is about YOU also! We are with you, we have your back, and we are absolutely grateful for your sacrifice and service! (image slideshow)

How Will You Remember The Summer Of 2020?

Are you willing to let the evil that is plaguing our nation influence your mind and your heart? Will you let "them" write this moment into the history books as a time America suffered? I think it's time to write a better history of this moment! A time when the TRUE AMERICAN SPIRIT & INGENUITY overcame adversity to inspire a nation! With only 77 days left to the most critical election of our lives... how are you stepping up to support President Trump & America? The Boaters For Trump movement is organizing events on every lake, bay, ocean, and river... if you want to bring Happiness, Joy, Enthusiasm, Love, Hope, and Inspiration back into your life... if you are ready to "tune out" the depressing news... if you are ready to break the feelings of intimidation, to finally speak up and take a stand for America & President Trump... then join us! Boats, bikes, trucks, cars, marches are all happening right now - come be a part of a truly historic movement... join your brothers & sisters who are "Silent No More"...

This is our country and we must fight for it now!

Boaters For Trump "The Movement" was honored and grateful to be a part of the Historic Pinellas County Guinness World Record Trump Boat Parade. Please reach out directly to help promote, organize, join, or support this movement!

Cpt JP

Trump Boat Parade Guinness World Record Patriotism
American Spirit Is At All Time High

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