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Miami Boat Parade With Eric Trump!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

They may have canceled the Presidential Debate but that didn't stop the Trump Boat Parade Movement! Eric Trump joined the festivities and we captured some nice shots. What a great welcome to President Trump... hundreds of boats and patriots with enthusiasm and excitement that was off the charts!

Here are some of the highlights: play video

Thanks again Trump Boat Parade "Ambassador" Carlos Gavidia for hosting (and organizing, and promoting, and funding) another fantastic display of American Spirit! VIP's everywhere:

Also thanks to all the spectators who stopped to take pictures and cheer on the boats... here is a link to the photos we took, free to download: MIAMI PHOTO PAGE

Check out the "OFFICIAL" video for the "TRUMP SONG"

Great job by Carlton Morris of Yes 2 Yachting - thanks for sharing it with us!

Now is YOUR moment... what will you do to help save America?

Join the next car parade, boat parade, flag waving event... not only is it fun and inspiring, at this point it is your duty as a Patriot! Reach out and let us know if you are hosting an event or looking to join an event and we will help!


Jupiter FL Boat Parade: JOIN HERE

Jacksonville FL Boat Parade: JOIN HERE

St Augustine FL Boat Parade: JOIN HERE


Cpt JP

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