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Fighters Against Socialism Tour With Don Trump Jr

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Boaters For Trump "The Movement" will be busy with several Trump Boat Parades but we are also joining all the Land Lubber events possible. The next 3 weeks are crucial and we want to bring you the excitement and enthusiasm from every event possible.

Don Trump Jr. teamed up with UFC champion Jorge Masvidal on a four stop tour across Florida to pump up the Latino For Trump movement! As a feature of the Miami event one of the hottest MAGA Music bands, Los 3 de la Habana was on site to shoot a music video for their hit song TRUMP SONG.

Here are some highlights... (play video)


Over 1000 enthusiastic patriots attended the Miami stop for the Fighters Against Socialism tour and the evening was absolutely inspiring. Set at one of the areas most iconic AMERICANA attractions, Wings Over Miami Air Museum, this event blended the strong message of how important and influential the Hispanic community has been to the development of modern America, together with a message of Unity through Family, Hard Work, American Dream, Freedom, GOD, Security, and preserving America! After all, America is the one country that oppressed people risked their lives to escape Socialism & Communism to immigrate to and those stories are powerful motivation for the Hispanic communities. It was a powerful evening!

The Fighters Against Socialism Tour Event Was Amazing!

Thank YOU to everyone who took the time to meet with us and take some photos! Like all our events we got some great, high-res photos of many Patriots at the flag waving event and they are available to download for free - CLICK HERE

Now is YOUR moment... what will you do to help save America?

Join the next car parade, boat parade, flag waving event... not only is it fun and inspiring, at this point it is your duty as a Patriot! Reach out and let us know if you are hosting an event or looking to join an event and we will help!


Miami Boat Parade: JOIN HERE

Jupiter FL Boat Parade: JOIN HERE

Jacksonville FL Boat Parade: JOIN HERE

St Augustine FL Boat Parade: JOIN HERE


Cpt JP

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