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This page is dedicated to promoting alternative resources that help us fight for our American values of Freedom & Liberty.  As the "Cancel Culture" continues it's oppressive attack on our GOD given rights as free human beings, we must commit ourselves to saying NO MORE!

  • We will not be silenced!

  • We will not be locked down!

  • We will not be intimidated!

  • We will not capitulate, comply, or convert to ideologies of Tyranny!

  • WE WILL find & support Patriotic, Pro-America, Pro-Freedom, Pro-Liberty businesses and support them!

  • WE WILL break our dependency on the Corporations that are participating in the inhumane Totalitarian Cancel Cutlure War that is part of the "Fundamental Transformation" campaign against America.

We realize this won't be easy... we have built our lives around our dependency on these companies... but, they are now part of an ideology that is Anti-American and they are committed to literally "CLEANSING" the world of people & ideas that do not pledge alliance to their agenda!  We want to make it easier for you to find alternatives so you can make the break.  The following are resources that we are either using ourselves, have made the switch to, or have vetted for supporting American values & Constitutional rights.

Cell Phones
What You Get With Patriot Mobile... CLICK TO START
News Sources - Unbiased
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