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What's Your Plan? The Next Phase Launches Soon...

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

ATTENTION PATRIOTS: Two very important messages in this article...

  1. We celebrated the final day of Trump's Presidency at the Homecoming Rally in West Palm Beach with thousands of Patriots and it was inspiring to see how NO ONE is giving up on Trump... YOU shouldn't either, he is not giving up on us! Was all your hard work and sacrifice for nothing??? Absolutely NOT! Check out the videos & photos, enjoy!

  2. We are launching the next stage of this project and it is a full blown America 1st Patriotic Activism effort, one that recognizes how to win, and we are building the systems to win - We NEED YOUR HELP - We realize among all the failures that came to light over the last 4 years, the #1 problem with the Republican/GOP "party" boils down to BETRAYAL & TRUST... They have a lot of it (betrayal), and we have none of it (trust)! BETRAYAL & TRUST is the root of the cancer that is rotting the GOP, and the filthy abandonment of our President (and us citizens), over and over and over, and when it mattered most can no longer be tolerated! ZERO TOLERANCE! Our mission now is to completely FLUSH the Republican Party's "Business As Usual" processes that always lead to a fragmented, disjointed, ineffective party with impotent leaders who abandon us while enriching themselves! We plan on fixing that!


photo slideshow:

Themes and sentiments I took away from chatting with many patriots at President Trump's Homecoming Rally:

  1. we must not give in to despair, defeat, & division... that is exactly what the Boaters For Trump Movement was fighting against! Now, more than ever we must unite in a way that is even more powerful than what we created with our Trump Boat Parade phenomenon....

  2. We must HONOR the legacy of Trump's Presidency and immediately start building the infrastructure to elevate the America 1st / MAGA movement. We must be ready for what's about to come, we must commit ourselves to flushing the GOP SOP (standard operating procedures) "BUSINESS AS USUAL" process and thinking that has utterly failed us! We must begin to fight using new tools, new processes, new mindsets, and new strategies...

  3. We must embrace the idea that what has happened perhaps needed to happen, and that what is unfolding will actually open brilliant opportunities. And, when you can see between the lines you will find that there are indeed real opportunities emerging that will help us finish what we started...

  4. We must commit ourselves to carrying on the work that we did in 2020... was all the sacrifice, the time, the money, and energy just a waste? NO, absolutely not. And as hard as "they" will try to make it seem like that is the result... do not give them one second of your attention... DO NOT CONCEDE, DO NOT CAPITULATE!

  5. We must take personal responsibility... when we were needed most, did we do everything we could? What were we not willing to do that may have made a difference? What are we willing to do now, to literally SAVE AMERICA? And how will we organize our time, energy, and resources to demand actual representation from the people we hire to do OUR WORK and represent US?

God Bless all Patriots... check out Trump's perspective!


One of the priorities of our our new project will be dedicated to finding and promoting alternative sources of information... NTD News is one of them and is a very legitimate option for unbiased information (even to OANN and Newsmax)... please check out their coverage of the Homecoming event: Thanks Melina Wisecup NTD

"What's Your Plan?"

Phase 2 of Boaters For Trump "The Movement"

Personal message from JP:

That is the name and theme of the next project... the next steps for Boaters For Trump "The Movement" is underway. In the following weeks I will be launching this project and I have to be completely honest with you... It will requiring me doing things I've never done and becoming someone I've never been! So, I will be leaning on the great network of patriots that I've come to know through our Boaters For Trump Movement and I am asking you for your support and assistance as the new project unfolds. Here are some bullet points that layout the project's core functions and foundations:

  1. What's Your Plan Show - Yes, I want to start a new show that will feature your standard online video messages, interviews, roundtable discussions etc.. But, I want to also host live weekly events where we all participate in the discussions. There are several reasons why I want to introduce this unique format to the project so stay tuned for more details.

  2. Patriotic Activism Infrastructure - this is why the Democrats/Left are so effective at mobilizing around causes and movements... and why they absolutely dominate the narrative around THE most important battle right now: THE CULTURE WAR! That needs to change if the America 1st Patriots have any chance at winning.

  3. Congressional Reform Systems - the entire focus of this project is to effect the way we find, hire, support "Representatives" to do OUR WORK in public office... new systems that shut down the imposters, frauds, infiltrators, and spineless sell outs, and that open opportunities and support systems for authentic, strong, patriotic Leaders, holding them accountable for their decisions to eliminate opportunities for BETRAYAL... 2022 campaign season has started... we have no time to waste!


I am trying to scale it up as rapidly as possible and one of the first things I would like your help with is simply your feedback to help me understand where your feelings, frustrations, hopes, and desires are. If you could take a few minutes to respond to this survey and share the survey with as many people as you can it would be greatly appreciated - don't worry it's 100% private & anonymous.


As always you can also just reach out directly to me via email:

Here are some specific areas where I need help:

  1. I need to build a dedicated team - this is still a bootstrapped startup so it's all voluntary right now - anyone willing to donate their skills and time would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Social Media management & promotion

  3. Influencer networking - people on all levels who can help promote this project to their audiences

  4. Video/photo/media creation/editing - planning on doing a ton of visually impactful projects

  5. Co-hosts - who want's to jump in the fray & express your positions

  6. Filming locations & audiences - guidelines will be posted soon but, part of the intention with this format is to promote live, in person gatherings & support patriotic businesses that are willing to stand up to the Cancel Cults, and to have fun!

Time For ACTIONS... not Tweets & Facebook Posts!

It's been an absolute honor to build Boaters For Trump "The Movement" with you... the goal of this project was always to memorialize the Trump Boat Parade movement into the history books as the most patriotic national movement in modern American history. That's what we did, and so much more!

2020 was a time when our country was being attacked from abroad and from within. And those attacks were engineered with one primary goal, to remove the most successful President in history, who was charting a future America that was destined for unstoppable greatness. It was President Trump's success that became a fatal threat to the Globalist One World Government and when they realized nothing could stop a 2020 Victory, they unleashed hell on America (and the world)! Now, we will realize the depth of that carnage as the new administration systematically picks America to the bones for their "Fundamental Transformation" agenda!

In 2021 will you be willing to do what it takes to continue to build the America 1st / MAGA Movement (President Trump's agenda)? We must take over control of a failed political party that has abandoned it's voters and paved the road for the Democratic Party to launch their Communist conversion of America?

Please join me and let's get ready for an exciting year of battling for America! I know your pissed, I know your fired up, now let's channel that energy into ACTION... There's no time to wait to be stabbed in the back, to be betrayed and dismissed... let the "pressure campaigns" begin, and the only question we should now be demanding our "Representatives" answer is WHAT'S YOUR PLAN?

The Best Is Yet To Come!

We Are Just Getting Started

Cpt JP

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