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St. Augustine FL: August 1st: Hundreds Of Boats, Thousands Of Patriots & The Bridge Of MAGA!

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

WOW! St. Augustine Patriots truly showed the world just how EPIC the support & enthusiasm for Trump Victory 2020 and America really is! "POSITIVE PATRIOTISM" was the theme of this KAGATTA (Keep America Great Regatta) and everyone who experienced it walked away energized, motivated, & inspired to reelect President Trump in November! The LOVE for America was overflowing the Matanzas River this weekend! (image slideshow)


While there was no "official" boat count and the Facebook event page registering 844, we estimate over 1,000 boats plus thousands of patriotic participants, including hundreds in the "Land Crews" who turned the "Bridge Of Lions" into the "Bridge Of MAGA"... and that doesn't even take into account the hundreds of cars & motorcycles that drove by constantly, honking horns, waving flags, blasting music, & energizing the crowds!


The event organizers did a tremendous job pulling this off especially with a Cat 1 hurricane bearing down on Florida's East Coast. Erin Johnson, who launched the event, said that the USCG would likely have to pull their boats out of the parade due to the storm but, they ended up participating with a strong presence. In fact, the Ancient City Trump Boat Parade had the strongest presence of Law Enforcement we've seen yet and the spectators drenched them with Love, Gratitude, and Support! Johnson wanted to thank: (image slideshow)


The shout outs from President Trump during his press conferences lately have been attracting some "high profile" attention to our events recently. It was awesome to see the viral sensation, one of America's most "controversial grass roots reporters", and all around "American Liberty Activist" Kaitlin Bennett with her Liberty Hangout crew doing her thing at the Ancient City KAGATTA: check out Kaitlin & Liberty Hangout here

Thank you for supporting the movement Kaitlin @KaitMarieox


An important message from event organizer Erin Johnson is one that President Trump, all of America & the world needs to understand about our movement:

"We are NOT protesting or counter-protesting anything... we are simply showing our support for our President, who we love... we participate with LOVE & PATRIOTISM, it's the much needed positivity that our country deserves right now... and that the residents of our nation need to know that we are NOT the nation that the mainstream media makes us out to be right now... we are still a patriotic people who love our country, love our troops, love our law enforcement, and love our GOD!"

Thank You Erin Johnson!

And that sums up exactly what we are all uniting around... what our mission is based on... what we are standing and fighting for right now! A YUUUUUGE heartfelt thank you to Erin Johnson, her family, and all the PATRIOTS who participated in the Ancient City boat parade! St. Augustine proves it is the "Heart Of America"! This event was so successful that the team has already set a date for the next one... October 24th, REGISTER NOW!

The phenomenon of the Trump Boat Parade Movement is going to become memorialized in the history books as THE movement of American Ingenuity that:

  • Brilliantly bypassed the Covid-19 "mass-gathering prohibition" that canceled Trump's High Octane Rallies!

  • Re-Energized President Trump amidst the most vicious "Swamp Attack" period of his administration, & lifted him to victory!

  • Awakened, motivated, & inspired patriotic Americans into action like never before!

  • Put on a massive, national display of the TRUE America, through a movement of "POSITIVE PATRIOTISM", that helped save our great country!

Your Call To Action:

At the time of this article we are 91 days out of the most critical election in American History.

This is literally the moment where, as the much of the Western Civilized world collapses, America decides if she will re-establish herself as the "Shining City Upon A Hill" or she capitulates to the evils of the Globalist mob and descends into "Socialist Despair"! You need to ask yourself, "what am I willing to do, to sacrifice, right now, to save our country in 90 days"?

We are absolutely grateful you took time to read this article... we are dedicated to covering ALL of the KAGATTAS (Keep America Great Regattas) across the country, reporting their stories and memorializing them in the real history books of America.

Please help us by signing up for the email list, sharing this content on your social media, with your friends and family, and anyone you know who can help us scale up this movement - time is short and we need "ALL HANDS ON DECK"!



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