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BIG NEWS & UPDATES: Radical Leftist HOA Board Forcing Trump Supporter To Sell Home & Move!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020


This story just took a HUGE turn as the racist, hate fueled attacks on The Ambassador to Trump's Boat Parade Movement continue. I spoke with Carlos Gavidia last week before the RNC as he was preparing to depart for the White House to attend President Trump's acceptance speech celebration. He was in the process of moving after finally deciding to sell his dream home in Admirals Cove Jupiter FL community... this is due to ongoing conflict with a group of Unhinged, Anti-America, Anti-Christian, Anti-Immigrant, RICH LIBERALS - LIBERAL PRIVILEGE AT IT'S FINEST!

Carlos was in good spirits as he was on his way via special invitation of a lifetime... to join hundreds of Ultra-Patriots at the White House... We all know what happened after the RNC to people leaving the White House grounds - disgusting attacks by organized, funded, fear mobs specifically designed to intimidate people and instigate violence!

Well, unfortunately the same Fascist tactics of intimidation, instigation, and taunting met Carlos upon his return to his home by one of his degenerate neighbors! NOW, for the "crime" of standing up and protecting his family, Carlos has been served with felony charges from a complaint by the very neighbor who has been attacking the Gavidia family for months This story is ongoing and will be updated but here is some information directly from Carlos so you can contrast the "Hate Trump News" articles (I won't even give them the clicks but you know who they are - Propaganda Beach Post) that are using this story to intimidate you from supporting President Trump: READ FULL FACEBOOK POST:


you can't keep a true patriot down! The Ambassador has a Trump Boat Parade event planned for Labor Day in Jupiter that will not only go on as scheduled... but will go down in history as one of the most EPIC events "The Movement" has seen yet! JOIN US!

UPDATE: (July 13,2020) -

Looks like Carlos has scored a victory & will for now be remaining in Admirals Cove, Jupiter FL: see bottom of article


If you haven't been following the KAGATTA (Keep America Great Regatta) phenomenon that is flooding the country with American Pride & enthusiastic support for President Trump's 2020 reelection, then you need to pay attention! The entire inspiration for the Captains For Trump campaign came from one man who decided to stand up to the Radical Leftist who tried to use their tyranical powers as HOA board members to oppress an immigrant citizen's right to free speech! Follow & share this story - it's the essence of the fight we are facing right now & it's coming for all of you!

You may recall this video of Carlos Gavidia, a successful entrepreneur, an immigrant, a super patriotic American, a supporter & friend of President Trump. When the Tyrants at his community HOA, Admirals Cove Jupiter FL, pounced on him for flying a Trump flag on his boat, and demanded he remove it because it was a "violation" of their Monarchy, he graciously responded with an epic F-You by transforming his boat into the official Trump Boat... when he first returned to his dock, he pulled up in this magnificent boat while blasting the National Anthem!

This video went absolutely viral and spiraled into a phenomenon occurring all across the nation... Trump KAGATTAS - Keep America Great Regattas. Mostly dubbed "boat parades", or "Trumptillas", these ogranic events are the result of Carlos's patriotic stance against the Leftist Fascist oppression of Free Speech that has metastasized into a very threatening social cancer. Carlos took it a step farther & launched the first official KAGATTA that ran from Jupiter to Mara Lago & thousands of local boaters joined in. Then, as people began rebelling against the Covid Lockdowns & social distancing regulations, Patriots around the country inspired by Carlos responded with a MASSIVE movement of KAGATTAS!

Over Trump's birthday weekend more than 15 KAGATTAS exploded across our great waterways. And now, the race for the Guinness Book Of Records for "boat parades" has heated up! Carlos, who has organized several KAGATTAS regionally has traveled with his Official Trump Boat to inspire this movement!

Sadly... Carlos & his family - ALL survivors of the Covid-19 virus - have come under serious attack from the Fascists that run his community HOA. His family has also been the victims of absolutely vile, racist, bigoted hate crimes as you can see in the letter Carlos posted in his Facebook page. Carlos made national headlines when the video of his newly christened Trump Boat (which is registered with the USCG as the official TRUMP BOAT) and the 1st KAGATTA launched. See for yourself just how gracious, patriotic, and grateful Carlos & his family are:

The Liberal cry-babies & HOA Tyrants at Admirals Cove must have had the last they could take of the Ultra Patriot Carlos after he stepped up his Trump2020 game with this beauty:


"I removed will my earlier post on this matter which as a long time resident of Admiral’s Cove and its reputation, but at this point I can no longer remain silent as to who we are allowing to run Admiral’s Cove! We can’t let a liberal realtor and others with a personal agenda of power and control be on any committees... I will not be bullied, Intimidated, threaten or demeaned by anybody ever, let alone other residents in the community, for my political beliefs but especially not by the Admiral’s Cove MPOA President Pat Edsel or Lisa Wilson." Carlos Gavidia

Just listen to the pain & anxiety being inflicted on this amazing family, immigrant family, by their neighbors, in an affluent community full of influential & prosperous people.


We must unite, as Patriots of this country & support our fellow citizens who are being oppressed and attacked by the radical leftists who are now everywhere in our society! This cannot stand. The epic phenomenon of Trump KAGATTAS are only getting bigger & more festive... BUT, the Left knows about them now and they are starting to violently attack and intimidate us as we congregate on our beautiful waterways to celebrate our 1st Amendment right to peacefully assemble - FREE SPEECH! What is happening to Carlos & his family is a stain on our great nation. I am calling on everyone to take a stand now!

Captains For Trump is dedicated to:

  • Promoting KAGATTA events across the country!

  • Uniting this Ultra Patriotic National Movement into one powerful community!

  • Supporting all the people, businesses, organizations & groups involved!

  • Breaking news & reporting the truth of this great movement!

  • Inspiring all patriots to get on board, get involved & help save our great USA!

Here is how you can help:

  1. Sign up to be a Boater For Trump - everyone is welcome!

  2. Follow the people, businesses, & events that are profiled here, support them!

  3. Plan to attend the next KAGATTA event near you or travel to one - they are growing more festive & more entertaining every week - be part of history!

  4. SHARE this campaign & our content with everyone in your network.

  5. If you are a Media Influencer, Event Organizer, Political Organizer, Candidate, or anyone else who can help elevate this mission please contact us to collaborate immediately!

Will YOU be silenced, will you be shamed for your views, your beliefs, your patriotism??? The time is NOW my friends... it's going to take all of us to go out & fight! This is how I am doing it, won't you please join me!

Cpt JP

ps: I'll leave you with this video of a recent church service in Troy NY (forgive the language) to remind you that they are here, they are everywhere, and your most sacred freedoms are under violent physical, judicial, social, & spiritual attacks! What will it take for you... ask CARLOS GAVIDIA!


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