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R.I.P. GOP? 3rd Party? After All The Betrayal, What Is The Future Of The Republican Party?

"What's Your Plan" is THE project that is dedicated to delivering solutions to this most critical issue of the GOP's Betrayal & Abandonment of 100 million American Citizens and our beloved Leader President Trump! While "ConMedia" & our "GOP Political Leaders" are falling back on their "Business As Usual" content & social media campaigns we are working hard on tangible, structural solutions that can fuel the fire of the America 1st Movement (MAGA) which is 100 million strong in the USA... but, if we fall into the trap of the "Standard Operating Procedures" then the ELITE GOP, who work in lock-step with the Globalist Conversion of America "Fundamental Transformation" coup, will overpower the momentum President Trump created! THAT'S ON ALL OF US NOW!

We NEED your feedback: This feedback will continue to drive the mission and how we craft the project to address YOUR concerns... (NOTE: if you are afraid to take a private, anonymous, 5 question survey, then you may need to consider that your not serious about saving America from the treachery being unleashed... nothing personal, but the truth hurts sometimes).


Please keep in touch, stay engaged, and help us promote this mission... we can no longer accept "Business As Usual"! The two powerful concepts that are driving this mission are the foundation of our ability to accept change, and be coachable so that we can overcome what has held us back and in relation to the Political state we are in, FAILED US! Think about these two statements in your own life, and then apply them to our failed GOP/Republican party

  • If we continue to do what we have always done... we will continue to get what we have always gotten!

  • Don't look at what you think you know... look at your results, they tell you everything you need to know & if you don't like the results, time for radical change!

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