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President Trump Acknowledges ALL The Patriotic Boat Parades & It's about to get YUUUGE - see more!

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Keep up the great work PATRIOTS! President Trump is watching! Twice now at public press conferences our great President has acknowledged our "GREAT SPIRIT" & "ENTHUSIASM"!

President Trump is absolutely taking notice & publicly acknowledging our "MARITIME RALLIES"! How Awesome... And with our "Silent Majority" becoming Loud & Proud on America's great waterways we are giving President Trump the energy he needs to fight and KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

Make no mistake my friends, this battle is going to get much nastier as we get closer to Trump Victory Nov 3rd. Now that Trump is publicly announcing his appreciation for your overwhelming support and enthusiasm, the Left is certain to scale up their efforts to silence us! Whether it be BLM & Antifa mobs coming in to disrupt our events, or Leftist city councils, mayors, governors using "Covid-2020" to close down access to waterways... they will now be coming for us!

We, the true PATRIOTS of America, cannot and will not let that happen! Everyone needs to get involved at this point... join the next event near you, travel to an event, don't have a boat rent one, make new friends and join them on the water, or just gather in masses along the parade routes to cheer on the boats as "Land Crews"! It's time to step up and participate!

Understand what is happening here... We, Patriots are making history! I want you to understand how important what we are doing right now, at this time in American History, is. Think about it... what will the "Election Year 2020" be remembered for:

  • The RADICAL takeover of America by violent anarchists & the Globalist Insurgents masquerading as "American Politicians"?

  • The "Covid-2020" pandemic tragedy and the TYRANNICAL seizure of American Citizen's Liberties & Freedoms by Totalitarian politicians & bureaucrats?

OR... will we go down in HISTORY as the #1 Patriotic Movement that lifted up our President and gave hime the energy and support he needed to claim VICTORY in 2020? Will we be the ones who said to the world - "AMERICA WILL NEVER BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY"? When the country seemed to be out of hope, in despair, with chaos everywhere and the media propaganda relentlessly manipulating the truth, we will be remembered as THE #1 Movement that inspired the SILENT MAJORITY to reclaim our great nation! Imagine 10, 20, 50, 100 years from now... people reading about YOUR contribution to the "Trump Era" ! You will go down in history as someone who fought the forces of evil, at one of those pivotal moments for our great nation... the time True American Patriots used the "Power Of Positive Patriotism" to elevate our President and thwart the Barbarians at our gates!

What we are doing is 100% the solution the country is looking for and the signs just keep appearing. We are the "Positive Patriotism" that President Trump and the country needs to focus on right now to win.

I want to encourage you to take a very active stance right now... with only 97 days until election we need to do more than we ever did before. Voting isn't enough, we need to come out publicly to support President Trump and his administration. GET INVOLVED with your local Trump Teams, talk to your family and friends no matter what, and do what you can to join one of the next "KAGATTAS" - Keep America Great Regatts - travel if you have to, you will LOVE IT!

Our mission at Boaters For Trump "The Movement" is to report, document, and memorialize this EPIC phenomenon into the HISTORY BOOKS! Time is short and moving quickly so I humbly ask you to help us scale up this project by sharing this or any of the content on this site!

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