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Huge Success For Pittsburgh KAGATTA Shutting Down BLM/Antifa Hate Mob

Attention ALL Trump Boat Parade organizers & attendees... the violent, hateful BLM/Antifa mob is now on notice to disrupt & destroy our Great American Trump KAGATTA Movement!

We must come out in massive forces to support, participate, & protect these precious events from the evil Leftists... let's give a YUUUGE congrats to the "Power Patriots" up in Pittsburgh - TRUMP TEAM PA -

The 1st Trump KAGATTA that we've found to be "counter protested" by the hate filled, Anti-America BLM/Antifa goon squad. The PA Patriots won the day & pulled off an outstanding event...

Protesters gathered Saturday to object to a boat parade held in celebration of Independence Day and President Trump in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Boaters with Trump Team PA and Women for Trump were scheduled to begin the rally at 11:00 a.m. below the Hot Metal Bridge on the Monongahela River and eventually make their way up the Allegheny River, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

However, a local group called Pittsburgh, I Can’t Breathe, organized a counter-protest to the rally and began demonstrating at 10:00 a.m. “The group calls their event ‘Shut It Down’ in reference to the boat parade,” the CBS article noted."

ATTENTION: These BLM/Antifa Hate Mobs will be targeting our KAGATTAS trying to attack & riot... we must outnumber them, push them out, & enlist our Law Enforcement - All Hands On Deck!

We must stand up & fight for our freedoms - COME WHAT MAY! And, our boat parades are the #1 tool we now have to bypass the Covid Lockdowns & Social Distancing restrictions... If the BLM/Antifa rioters & mobs can roam freely across our country inflicting terror & destruction on peaceful America, then we Patriots can take to our waterways & shorelines to CELEBRATE our country & our President!

"Trump Team PA Founder Tricia Cunningham said Thursday that over 10,000 people and 283 boats had registered online for the rally, according to TribLIVE. Despite the Allegheny Health Department’s recent order that prohibited gatherings of more than 25 people and closed bars, restaurants, and casinos for a week, Cunningham said the event would not be canceled. “We anticipated this. We were still willing to hold it even if we are in the red (coronavirus phase). As long as Donald Trump is president, we are Americans, and we will survive,” she explained, adding that she asked attendees to wear masks and take precautions."

Congrats to TRUMP TEAM PA for standing strong to support Trump2020 & America!

Captains For Trump is on a MISSION to unite & connect ALL the patriotic boat parades across the USA into ONE community that shows the world the epic scale & scope of this unique phenomenon... KAGATTAS! Your home base to connect with & learn about other patriots around the country who are using their God given freedoms to express their love for America & their support for our President Donald J. Trump! Together we will be able to show the world just how powerful the enthusiasm for Trump2020 reelection truly is... Some YUUUGE events are happening over the next couple months & the Great America Waterways will be OVERFLOWING with American Pride, Patriotism, & Gratitude... all the way to Trump Victory November 3rd!

Join the movement & become a Captain For Trump... stay connected, contribute your stories, & get the latest updates on KAGATTAS around the USA!

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