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"MOST MAGA" Contest

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Boaters For Trump "The Movement" has officially launched this EPIC competition to see who can out MAGA the competition! Enter to see if you & your crew have the "MOST MAGA" by showing how much ENTHUSIASM you have for Trump 2020 & America! Decorate your boat, costumes, music, you name it... whichever crew can show the "MOST MAGA" will win the prizes!

(NOTE: it's all about your enthusiasm & excitement... not about "most money")

Be on the lookout for the "MOST MAGA" Photo Station somewhere along the parade route & be ready to show off your ENTHUSIASM for President Trump! We will be taking pictures of your boat & crew and you will be able to download them for free as a personal keepsake gift & way to memorialize your event!


We have partnered with Brooklands New Media LLC to offer the GRAND PRIZE for this contest their absolutely amazing new commemorative book "Celebrating The Achievements Of Donald J Trump". The winner of the "MOST MAGA" contest will win one "Limited Edition" copy of this historic keepsake, valued at $250!

Watch the video:

How to enter:

  1. You MUST register your boat on this page: MOST MAGA CONTEST

  2. Make sure to include all your boat & crew names (we will be forwarding to President Trump)

  3. Along the parade route Boaters For Trump "The Movement" will have a photo station set up for close up pictures, pass by and GET YOUR MAGA ON! We'll have professional photo & video to capture everything! Remember, ENTHUSIASM wins the day!

  4. Your boat must pass under the bridge at the finish line, one last chance to out MAGA the competition! Show President Trump just how enthusiastic & supportive you are!

Who votes:

  1. The event organizers & "official event VIP's"

When is the winner announced:

  1. The winner will be announced within 48 hours after reviewing all the entries, video & photo footage. We will make announcements on social media and reach out directly via email.

How to claim your prizes:

  1. Boaters For Trump "The Movement" will reach out to you via the email and phone you provided at registration

PS: none of this is "official" in any capacity, no cost to enter, it's totally free & for fun to motivate you to make your event as festive & patriotic as possible!

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