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Jacksonville FL Keeps Making The MAGA Happen

"Positive Patriotism", LOVE of America, support and enthusiasm for Trump Victory 2020 was inspiring at the 4th Trump Boat Parade in Jacksonville, FL. Proof yet again that American Ingenuity and the American Spirit cannot be stopped!

A Trump Boat Parade organizer with unstoppable patriotism!

Congratulations to Esther Byrd who has now organized 4 of the country's best Trump Boat Parades and continues to ignite the excitement for Trump Victory in November! What it always comes down to is that there truly is an overwhelming National Movement of the Silent Majority who love America. And the phenomenon of Trump Boat Parade events is credited with awakening this movement! The MAGA Tide is rising, and a rising tide lifts all boats! A BIG part of this movement's success will be due to the consistent efforts of Patriots like Esther Byrd... please support her in all she does!

Speaking of MAGA, the winners of the Most MAGA contest are...

Once again, a difficult choice due to the awesome displays of "creative patriotism" and epic enthusiasm... however, it was the lead boat "Bug N Us" who stole the show... I think maybe the judges were influenced by the two dogs & their Trump bandannas! Everyone who participated did such an amazing job and a big congratulations to everyone for supporting "The Movement"... Bug N Us, you are taking home bragging rights and the Grand Prize:

Official Boaters For Trump "The Movement" Boater shirts for your crew. (image slideshow)

As always we want to give a special thanks to local Law Enforcement!

We are grateful for your dedicated service and the sacrifices you make to protect and serve... we are honored to support you through our movement! This is your movement too!

How Will You Remember The Summer Of 2020?

Are you willing to let the evil that is plaguing our nation influence your mind and your heart? Will you let "them" write this moment into the history books as a time America suffered? I think it's time to write a better history of this moment! A time when the TRUE AMERICAN SPIRIT & INGENUITY overcame adversity to inspire a nation! With only 63 days left to the most critical election of our lives... how are you stepping up to support President Trump & America? The Boaters For Trump movement is organizing events on every lake, bay, ocean, and river... if you want to bring Happiness, Joy, Enthusiasm, Love, Hope, and Inspiration back into your life... if you are ready to "tune out" the depressing news... if you are ready to break the feelings of intimidation, to finally speak up and take a stand for America & President Trump... then join us! Boats, bikes, trucks, cars, marches are all happening right now - come be a part of a truly historic movement... join your brothers & sisters who are "Silent No More"...

This is our country and we must fight for it now!

Boaters For Trump "The Movement" was honored and grateful to be a part of the Historic 4th Jacksonville FL Trump Boat Parade! Please reach out directly to help promote, organize, join, or support this movement!

Cpt JP

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