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Fire Trucks In A Trump Boat Parade? EPIC!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Jupiter FL was once again the epicenter of the Trump Boat Parade movement this weekend. This time Carlos Gavidia, President Trump's "Boat Parade Ambassador", hosted a parade with some truly unique features. The most impressive was of course the Fire Truck & First Responder Barge which profiled true "AMERICANA" through a display of historic first responder vehicles staged on a 160' barge! (photo slideshow)

A TRUE testament to the American Spirit & American Ingenuity!

Congrats to the FL Firefighters & Police For Trump for a truly outstanding effort to create "The Movement's first ever Trump Boat Parade Tug & Barge tribute to First Responders in America. Absolutely HISTORIC! Obviously the time and expense it took to put that together was massive... to help the great Patriots who funded this epic display please visit the GO FUND ME PAGE.

CHECK OUT THIS AMAZING VIDEO (from Bill Holderby Eagle Eye USA)

MEGA MAGA & Creative Partiotism!

As much as we love the aerial drone videos, what we really love to do is capture true "essence" of a Trump Boat Parade... Your smiling faces & the excitement of your "Creative Patriotism"! Here ya go!

Access your FREE PHOTOS!

Thank you to all the great, happy, excited patriots who "The Movement" met along the way! As always we were taking photos of you and they are available for you to download for free as our way of saying THANKS! The images are large, high-res files so they are great for enlarging & printing, and of course sharing ALL over your Social Media! It always impresses us just how happy, enthusiastic, fun, and creative our movement is... that's the message we need to share! Creative Patriotism & MEGA MAGA! (these files are large, and there are many that look like duplicates so just scroll through to find what you like)

Do NOT underestimate the "Silent Majority"

It will be a truly joyous day when the MAGA MAJORITY shows just how deep the appreciation for President Trump is... that day is November 4th 2020 and is only two weeks away. NEVER has there been a "politician" so deeply loved that even a GLOBAL PANDEMIC couldn't stop us from showing the world our passion for one of the greatest leaders in American History! What past President has ever inspire hundreds of thousands of PATRIOTS to go out every weekend and spend their time, money, and energy to celebrate him and pay tribute to the greatest country in the world... USA, USA, USA!

The Home Stretch

As we close in on our endgame - Trump Reelection Victory - we need to take a strong "UN-SILENT" stand and show people the contrast between what the LEFT / Democrats are offering:

  • hate

  • anger

  • victimism

  • division

  • violence

  • destruction

  • control

  • censorship


And what TRUMP is offering:

  • unity

  • love

  • patriotism

  • joy

  • happiness

  • enthusiasm

  • prosperity

  • freedom


Remember... It was the Trump Boat Parade Movement that ignited one of the most Patriotic Era's in American History... SUMMER 2020!

With only two weeks left what are you prepared to do to literally SAVE AMERICA? "The Movement" is dedicated to participating in, and reporting on as many events as possible... on land as well as at sea! Check out the recent articles for ALL the inspiring content and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE with everyone you know. As the Fake News continues to try to divide President Trump from his supporters, and to create false polling propaganda, it's up to us to spread the truth about just how massive the Love Of America & Excitement for Trump Victory truly is.


Now is YOUR moment... what will you do to help save America?

Join the next car parade, boat parade, flag waving event... not only is it fun and inspiring, at this point it is your duty as a Patriot! Reach out and let us know if you are hosting an event or looking to join an event and we will help!


St Augustine FL Boat Parade: JOIN HERE


Cpt JP

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