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American Party Vs. Patriot Party?

Is anyone still confused about where we are headed... as a "party", as a "movement", as a "country"? Yeah, so are we! As we get closer to the launch of our new project, "What's YOUR Plan", a new force seems to be unleashing from inside the Republican Party. The news is happening so fast but, the fallout over the Republican Establishment's continued ABANDONMENT of President Trump and BETRAYAL of us supporters is boiling up to a fever pitch! I know there's been a lot of people gravitating to the 3rd Party option, many aligning with a "Patriot Party" which is justifiable. However, I believe there is a better solution and it will take all of us to make it happen!

Check out the video for a short overview of The American Party - a rebranding & re-engineering of the Republican Party:

The MAGA / America 1st Movement is well over 100 million strong in America, and has even more impact globally. It is TRUMP's product, his brand, and his movement. We MUST dig deep right now, communicate and connect with each other, and activate the same energy we had for the Boat Parades, Bike Rallies, Caravans, Sign Waves, etc... There is a generation of young, patriotic, enthusiastic, Pro-America MAGA kids out there that NEED to see just how strong we can be. One of our missions with What's YOUR Plan is to help build something that the Republican Party has never had until Trump, an Activist Infrastructure!


If you haven't checked out Steve Bannon's WAR ROOM PANDEMIC it is a great resource for the MAGA America 1st Movement... good insights into why our movement is so critical to the future of America and how all the players are lining up!


The Globalist Democrats are about to wreak total havoc on America - "FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION" - and what we have representing us in the Republican Party is not up for the fight, and that includes much of the newly elected freshman congress! We DO NOT have 2 years to wait for primaries! We must start the re-engineering, rebuilding, and rebranding NOW!

If you haven't already given your feedback we would love to hear from you. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts in this survey so we know where you stand! CLICK HERE


Stay tuned

Stay excited

Cpt JP

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