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Who Are Boaters For Trump?

Are you a "Republican"?  A "Conservative"? An "Independent"? Maybe you are even a "Walk Away Democrat"!  Whatever floats your boat… if you align with the one thing that unites all Boaters For Trump, our unconditional love of the greatest nation on earth, the United States Of America, then this is the place for you!


Anyone who shares a passion for boats, the water, America, and President Trump is welcome.  You don't need to own a boat.  You don't need to be an official "captain".  You just need to be excited, enthusiastic, and dedicated to supporting President Trump in the 2020 election. 


What is a "KAGATTA"?  In the boating world we have contests & events called regattas… some are parties, parades, or races… in our case we have Keep America Great Regattas - KAGATTAS! In early spring "boat parades" started organically forming on rivers, lakes, bays & oceans across the USA.  At a time when the Covid-19 pandemic seemed to almost instantly stop the High Octane Trump Campaign Rally momentum, this phenomenon of ULTRA-PATRIOTIC boaters took to the great American waterways & has transformed them into a massively energized network of boat rallies!  And it is getting bigger, and bigger! 


President Trump has come to us at a most critical time in America that will be written in history as an era that  American Patriotism stood & fought against overwhelming odds to preserve the American way of life! President Trump is the one who truly binds us to our hope for the dream of America!


We are bound by our God given RIGHTS to Freedom & Liberty.  We cherish our opportunity to express our passionate support of the founding principles of America.  Now, we finally have a President who has ignited the most impactful & meaningful movement of America First Patriotism ever seen… at a time when the evils of the Globalist agenda threaten to destroy the very freedoms & liberties that God blessed us with! 


The Anti-America party, the Democrats, together with the media, are doing everything they can to stifle our economy, create fear, and sew division.  They will do everything they can stop Trump from holding rallies which are his #1 tool to engage & energize his supporters.  They have even enlisted the help of the radicalized Antifa & BLM rioters to threaten, intimidate, & interrupt our lives as fun & freedom loving Americans!  They are trying to scare people with biased election polls & false claims that enthusiasm for Trump is at an all time low… 


NOTHING could be farther from the truth… and the TRUTH is often hidden from the public.  That is why Boaters For Trump "The Movement" was founded!  It is our mission to unite all the TRUMP KAGATTAS across the country in one community that shows the world just how enthusaistic & dedicated the suport for Trump is, and how we are working as the #1 Patriotic American Movement to get Trump re-elected in 2020!  Our charter is to MEMORIALIZE all these events, this movement, this phenomenon into the American history books, to inspire future generations to love & protect America!

Your Call To Action

So, if you are tired of the Tyrannical Gov't Covid-19 shutdowns, tired of being restricted with "social distancing" closures in your community, tired of fear mongering media telling you enthusiasm for Trump is gone… then come join us for an ultra-festive day on the water at the next local Kagatta!  You'll never be part of a more energized, patriotic, fun loving, community that embraces EVERYONE, and you'll reignite your inspiration to stand for America and for our great President who is standing for you!  We owe President Trump 110% effort as he has stood strong for us against unimaginable attacks on himself personally AND our country! 

How to get involved

Join the community & network with other boaters.  If you don't own a boat, no problem, just reach out to us and we will connect you to your local Captains For Trump!  Even if you don't like boats you can join the thousands who gather on land to party & cheer the boats on.  We need you now to step up your support, get out where you can and show the nation that American & Trump pride will win the day on November 3 2020!  If you are an organzier, promoter, media, sponsor, or content contributor then become a Captain For Trump & collaborate with us here on this site!

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